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About Fiton

Having more than twenty years experience and having a thorough knowledge of logistical ICT-solutions was the basis for establishing Fiton. With our years of experience we offer you the perfect combination of technological and functional professional knowledge.

You strive for delivering high quality. Fiton acknowledges this and has incorporated it in its software. This resulted in an impressive history involving implementations and forwarding projects, container management, customs, warehousing, barging, rail and trading.

Implementing a new "core business" system requires a good preparation in your organization. Fiton doesn't only focus on the implementation but takes care of the entire project. By including end-users and management in all phases of the process, a project becomes a Fit on the Wish operational system.

After Implementation

After implementation Fiton offers remote support, on-site consultancy and engineering. Because of the use of globally applied technology, project management procedures and no-nonsense communication you are only provided with the information that’s necessary for you.  Fiton has developed its products entirely in Oracle technology and based on this qualification Fiton may carry the 'Powered by Oracle' logo.

The golden key

The need to understand your business processes and to manage reliable technology is the Golden Key for partnership in a dynamic logistical environment. Fiton is equipped to be your library for technological and logistical knowledge.

We hope to serve you with our Fit on the Wish software solutions.

Sincerely yours
Fiton – Fit on the Wish software solutions

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