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Fit on the Wish software for logistic service providers

Fit on the Wish software for logistic service providers

Fiton is the innovative software supplier for logistic service providers, customs officers, importers and exporters. With our user friendly applications, you choose for a software program which enables you to lower your expenses and have more efficient business processes.

Using Fit on the Wish logistic software you will work fast, flexible and reliable.

For a logistic service provider speed, reliability and clarity are a priority. Your client requires insight at any specific time, the logistic processes completed erroneously and timely deliveries.

Fiton logistic software enables you to realize these promises. Our Fit on the Wish logistic software compromise of three fully integrated suites: Fit on Customs, Fit on Warehousing and Fit on Forwarding.

Fulfills the promise

Fiton logistic software enables you to fulfill this promise. Our Fit on the Wish logistic software consists of three fully integrated suites: Fit on Customs, Fit on Warehousing and Fit on Forwarding.

  • All-inclusive
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and stable
  • Unlimited reporting possibilities
  • Adaptable to your personal style
  • Flexible
  • Fully transparent at all times


Fiton software is robust and surprisingly complete. Everything was taken into account: transport by land, air and sea, physical distribution, storage, inventory management, transfer, customs formalities, expedition and express shipments. 

Our entire system is focused on having your company operate erroneously, optimal and fast.

Surveyability and transparency

The Fiton product suite enables you to put together the most extensive and custom made reports. Reports can be made of all data in the system. The software system can also be easily linked to systems of other partners. With the Fiton track-and-trace system your information will always be up to date.

This way complete transparency can always be offered to the client, regardless if it's a single shipment or a multi modal project. You are always in control and can always intervene on time when necessary.

“Fiton provides an ultimately great and flexible system which works easily and logically. It is also important that all data that is put into the system can also be retrieved through reports that you can customize for yourself. With this management information we are able to make decisions on time and in the proper manner in order for us to give leadership to the company.”

- Fons Verbunt, BF Logistics >

Easy to install

Our suite can be 'plug & play’ implemented. The system can be easily integrated with other processes, both within or outside the company. You may have other wishes. With our solid knowledge of logistics we think with you and we offer you a solution fast and with flexibility.

Fiton does not limit itself to the implementation, but manages the entire project. By involving end-users and management in all phases, a project becomes a Fit on the Wish operational system.

Our software is available as an intranet (in-house) or an internet (portal) application. With the intranet application you can direct and manage the application yourself and you only need a web-browser for access.

By means of the internet application you have 24 hours a day and seven days a week access to your management system. With that you would not need to purchase the necessary hardware and software but you only pay for using the application.

Like no other, Fiton understands how important your automated processes are for you and how catastrophic it would be if a system fails. That's the reason why our product suite is extremely reliable and is Fiton always available for support.

Remote Support
Fiton also offers remote support. Via internet Fiton can take over the control of your desktop or give a presentation from one of our workstations. For this a software installation is not necessary. All you have to do is start up the Fiton Support program! You do not have to concern yourself with firewalls, IP-addresses or NAT.

Where others stop, Fiton continues
After implementation Fiton offers remote support, on-site consulting and engineering. We use technologies that have been proven worldwide, efficient project management procedures and no-nonsense communication. This way you are only loaded with the necessary information you need.

“Our experience with Fiton is very good, the people are very flexible. From the moment we have questions or need adjustments made to the system they react to this immediately; this is necessary because we also want to serve our clients the same way.”

- Herman van Dijk, Director, Neele-vat Logistics >

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