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BF Global Logistics B.V.

We started BF Global Logistics B.V. On 1 January 2013 as result of a management buyout that took place in October 2012. In November 2012 we incorporated and through an acquaintance I came to Fiton as a possible provider for the TMS-system.

Together with Fiton we worked out everything in two months, during Christmas time, and by January 1st 2013 the first invoices went out the door.

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Groupage Transport

BF Global Logistics B.V. is a logistic service provider, with a road network covering Europe, and it has steady partners. Every day regular service departs from every country and different depots of our partners who do the final-mile delivery of our Groupage transport. We do the same thing for the shipments our partners provides for deliveries in the Benelux. Nowadays we ship about 7,000 shipments per week.

Our power lies in the fact that our partner's systems are connected to ours via EDI, through which shipments can be traced from time of departure until time of delivery by means of statuses and proofs of delivery.  These are being automatically exchanged and uploaded.


We need this because we have demanding clients from upper ranks. The demands are for instance that the shipments must be delivered within certain time frames, must be booked, reach maturity quickly, need security, and status and delivery information must be on POD.

The road network is our backbone and has achieved a permanent value in the logistical chain after three years. Because of this we can now offer other modalities like warehousing, sea and air freight. We do this with the underlying thought that this so call supply chain is connected to a system that gives total insight to the clients about the status of their shipments.


Fiton supports us in the development of our vision: how we want to service our customers keeping the productivity in mind. The system facilitates us in such a manner that we have more time to spend on communicating and searching for solutions with and for our customers. Because of this our customer service can approach clients proactive instead of reactive.

Fiton is an ultimately great and flexible system which works easily and logical (the owners project this image). What also is very important is that what was entered into the system can also be extracted by means of the reports which you can make for yourself. This management information is necessary to give proper leadership to the company on time and in the right way.

Our customers

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