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Neele-Vat Logistics

Neele-Vat is a family company with about 550 employees; it's one of the largest full service logistic service providers in the Rotterdam region.Neele-Vat has seven establishments in The Netherlands.

The company also has branches in Finland, Polen, Romenia, Italy and Russia.

Neele-Vat is specialized in just about all logistic branches including for instance European transport via diverse modalities: sea freight, air freight, customs formalities and warehousing for a diverse range of goods. Neele-Vat is composed of diverse business units including Ship Road Logistics Solutions. This unit is specialized in sea freight, rail connections between China and Europe, order and cross-trade management, dedicated warehousing and European Transport via diverse modalities.

1. Transport in Europe 
2. Sea Freight 
3. Warehousing

Flow of goods

We acknowledge two sorts of goods flow. Goods arriving from overseas. The products are stocked in our warehouse in order to be sent into Europe after a certain time period. In addition we receive goods from within Europe which we store in one of our warehouses (a total of 160,000 square meters spread over different locations) to consequently load into containers and ship to destinations overseas like e.g. the USA, South America and Asia. Naturally Neele-Vat provides where necessary and possible as many activities as possible for our clients; for instance customs formalities and incoming and exiting transport. With our warehouses, we function as a hub for our clients. Therefore supplies management is very important. The clients expect of us that we manage their supplies in the proper manner, both physical and administrative. The clients want to be able to have insight in their supplies 24/7. The client also wants information about the status of their shipments. By means of a web-portal we can offer this. With many of our clients we also have EDI connections or massages are being sent back and forth per XML-file. This makes automatic messaging traffic possible. This saves the client time and causes the information supply to takes place even faster and easier.

Neele-Vat IT ondersteuning

Fiton supports us on many fields, both operational and financial. This support is mainly visible to us in the user-friendliness and stability, the logical division and layout of the functionalities and the extensive reporting possibilities. Fiton is extensively used within the business units, both in the office as well as by our colleagues in the warehouses. IT has become very important in our branch. Only with good software are we able to conduct our activities in an efficient manner. This is really crucial in the current market where the competition is great and we have to remain very cost-conscious.

Neele-Vat logistieke

The implementation of both the WMS and the FMS went smoothly. The implementation of the WMS in 2012 was under great pressure because of a prospective new client. Within two months the WMS had to be implemented, including the development of a scanning module.  Besides that we changed the set-up of the warehouse due to a different look on our warehouse operations, KPI's, and procedures in combination with the new software. At that time, we were proud to inform our customers way ahead of time that we were completely ready.

Neele-Vat WMS en FMS

Due to Fiton's open approach Fiton was broadly supported from the beginning.  It is perceived as a fine system at the office as well as by our colleagues in the warehouses. With new developments in the logistic field we can depend on fast, user- friendly and intelligent solutions from Fiton.

Our customers

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