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Peterson is a family owned business established in 1920. After starting out as a grain inspection company, the company has grown to be an all-round service provider.

Check out Peterson's business consultant Bas Hetterscheid personal reference video about his experiences with Fiton's software.

Peterson's order of business is quality control inspections, logistic and issuing certifications in prominently the agricultural, energy and sustainable sector. Together with sister company Control Union, Paterson is active in 70 countries and has 4,000 employees. Check out Peterson's website here: Click here


Offshore Group

In the sixties the gas field of Slochteren was discovered. After this discovery the exploration activities on the North Sea received more momentum and the Peterson Offshore Group was established. Since 2002 Peterson facilitates nine energy companies and several service companies. The energy companies are united with Peterson in the Southern North Sea Pool, the SNS Pool. All logistic capacities are being shared, including warehouse management, logistic over land, ships and helicopters. This cooperation ensures better logistic scalability and is therefore more economical than the traditional model in which each energy company coordinates its own logistic flow.

Our clients profit from a partner who can offer a complete scale of logistic services throughout the world in exploration, production and the dismantling phase. The offshore wind sector has been added to this in the last few years. We offer an integrated package of services: ranging from the management of extensive warehouses to port facilities and a special fleet of ships.


The logistic proces

Peterson coordinates and provides the entire logistic handling of international expeditions, goods reception, consolidation, planning, transport to stevedoring, and the entire return freight logistics. Customs formalities are interwoven in many of the activities since most of the goods passes the twelve mile zone. Goods heading to offshore installations are to be exported and returning goods are to be re-imported. With introduction of the UCC the simplifications which the offshore industry had under the CDW were dropped.  Because of this everything had to be filed electronically. To facilitate this Peterson developed the Transport Request Tool (TRT) as part of its e-Logistics application suites. TRT uses Fiton's XML web-services for automated customs declarations. This enables the sector to process tens of thousands of declarations at the same time.

Fiton Customs & WRS

Peterson uses the Fiton customs package for all its customs formalities. With this you can think about import, export, customs transport, EMCS and ECS. We use the WRS package for warehouse registration for managing the supplies of our clients.

Fiton implementation

After an extensive tender procedure we chose for Fiton because their package is easy to use and it's   a complete package. Prior to implementation an action plan was made together with Fiton and the customs and the system was configured.  January 2014 we completely changed over, which was very successful. During that year, together with Fiton, we made improvements to the system in order to optimize the user's experience.  We found the implementation to be simple and professional.

Our experience with Fiton

Our experience with Fiton's software is positive, mainly due to the fact that it is an all-in-one solution: all necessary modules in one package. The amount of time it takes for a declaration has decreased drastically, this mainly due to the copy functionality and the customized templates.  The interactive reporting section enables us to put reports together ourselves and to make them customer-specific. Due to the SAAS solution the system is easily scalable and there are no worries about maintenance. This lead to mutual respect, which caused Fiton and Peterson to be one of the first parties to switch to AGS.

Our customers

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