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Warehouse Management System

The right product at the right location, always on time

Warehousing and distribution starts with effectively managing and tracking goods regardless if it concerns small shipments, configured goods or goods sent by bulk.
For this purpose you need a warehouse management system that offers overview and can manage complexity. A system which enables your clients to follow the movements of their products.

Improve on your efficiency and quality of service

With Fit on Warehousing you choose for an innovative warehouse management system that results in a better efficiency of your dynamic logistic chain, optimize your supplies and offers a better quality of service.

Our WMS software is ultimately suitable for companies in the dynamic chain where purchases and sales, logistics, financial management and information supply are essential processes for optimal functioning of the organization.

The system was fully developed on basis of the most up-to-date insights and developments in the warehouse management sector. This way you can further optimize warehouse management and stock management. Fit on Warehousing can be integrated with both Fit on Customs and Fit on Forwarding. This makes it the optimal system for all your logistic processes.

Warehouse-managementsysteem (WMS)

  • Storage and transport of configured goods
  • Reporting
  • On premise (in-house) or in the cloud
  • Scanning
  • Client portals
  • Reporting
  • Alerts

Warehouse registration (WRS)

  • Stock administration
  • Storage and Transfer of non-configured goods
  • On premise (in-house) or in the cloud
  • Scanning
  • Client portals
  • Reporting

Keeping up to date with stock locations

The Fiton Warehouse Management System (WMS) is pre-eminently suitable to track stock locations of goods of which many parameters are known, for instance circumference, weight, expiration date, or number of items per package. The order in which goods are taken from storage can be automated with WMS. For the other goods, the so called non-configured goods, Warehouse-Registration System (WRS) is the solution.

Recording the specifications of goods

It works simple. If desired, specifications of goods can be recorded in WRS, for example the manner in which they arrived in storage, and where they are located in the warehouse. Fiton also developed scanning for WRS and it is possible to generate labels. WRS can be used together with WMS or in place of it if it is too extensive.

Linking documents to customs statusses

WRS is particularly suitable for small forwarding-agents and customs entrepots. It is also suitable for the customs administration of a warehouse management system for which no customs parameters are available. Entering customs, documents like consignment notes and customs documents can also be linked to the goods. During the customs process different customs statuses can be determined. This way report can be given at any desired moment. WRS provides in this manner both logistical and administrative support.

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