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Sea Freight


The Fit on Forwarding Portal was initially developed for Sea Freight. On one end of the portal is the agent and on the other end is the client who only sees its own relevant information. The forwarding agent sees all other agents and can put together an overview per agent and communicate individually. The portal streamlines the sea cargo process: the agent makes propositions, the forwarding-agent makes a proposition to the client, the client chooses a proposition. Documents and e-mails are attached to shipments to ensure that all documents are in the file; shipments, bookings and contract numbers. In this manner follow-up and billing is simplified which causes the entire process to go faster.

Simple operational financial reporting

All modalities are fully integrated. Adjustments can be made to a shipment prior to and after transport; this is also possible with Road and Air freight. When contracts with external carriers and purchasing contracts with the shipping companies are linked to the shipments a pre-calculation can easily be made with Sea Freight shipments. With one key stroke the total costs and profits of a shipment can be calculated. The costs per traffic lane or the sales per client can also be easily extracted.

Link to Portbase

Fit on Forwarding Sea Freight is also linked to Portbase. Thus transport orders can be sent through Portbase without the necessity of extensive mailing.

Prepaid Order

Sea Freight also offers a functionality to make a prepaid order with a shipment which can be forwarded to the financial department or directly to the bank.

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